The Nova Racing team is moving from TU Delft to GoDare! The team, consisting of 14 talented TU Delft students, will have a permanent home at GoDare starting September 29. The team designs and builds electric racing motorcycles. Since 2007, Nova Electric Racing has been successfully pushing the boundaries of innovation by developing and racing high performance sustainable racing engines. 

We will be working with the Nova Racing team in the coming years to find an ideal win-win situation. As an independent foundation, the Nova Racing team will have access to a permanent workplace, all the facilities of our MakerSpace and the knowledge of Lely and Gevasol engineers. In return, the team will support GoDare programs and involve young people in their project. In addition, we will explore whether we can connect the team to projects at Gevasol and Lely in the future or add innovations from Nova project to their products. For Gevasol and Lely, the student team will also be an important talent pool.