About us

In short

Our mission

Trigger the youth's curiosity for technology, innovation & entrepreneurship by bringing them together with the makers and the machines. In a dynamic environment, we encourage them to become the innovators of tomorrow.

Our vision

Passionate youngsters using technology and innovation to create a better world

Our foundation

Behind these ambitions is a story. GoDare is a foundation powered by two hi-tech companies, Lely and Gevasol, and is based at the Lely Campus in the Netherlands. The organization encourages youngsters as well as tech professionals to work with old-school and advanced technology and involves them in educational and innovative projects. Under one roof, with all the necessary R&D knowledge and resources, where young people and tech professionals can inspire each other.

Founding Fathers

Alexander van der Lely

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lely

“Thanks to our approach we stimulate their curiosity for technology and encourage them to be creators. By bringing young people together with our tech professionals, we prepare them for a future in technology and contribute to a sustainable world. We believe that our experts are uniquely positioned and the best role models to teach young people the knowledge and skills of tomorrow. By adding passion, knowledge and R&D facilities and teaming-up with local schools and partners we contribute to educational innovation.”

Gideon Yadin

CEO of Gevasol

“Our technical professionals work hard to invent and realize new solutions. Every day they face the challenge to be creative in an environment optimized for performance. Thanks to our R&D facilities and inspiring atmosphere, we trigger their deep-rooted interest in technology and boost their creativity, pride and entrepreneurship. By connecting our makers of today with the innovators of tomorrow, we provide an interesting change of perspective and the ability to learn from each other.”


In practice


In 2013, Alexander van der Lely decided to set up a foundation. This foundation was named: Stichting 20. With that, Lely Kits was born.

Stichting 20 refers to an idea of Cornelis van der Lely, one of the founders of Lely. Cornelis believed that, for every problem, one should come up with at least 20 ideas in order to come up with one good innovation.

Lely Kits was a nod to the word: 'KIDS' where the D has been replaced by the T of technique. The aim of the foundation is to inspire young people in the world of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In 2020, the name 'Lely Kits' has been changed to 'GoDare'. The reason for the name change is the future plans of the foundation and the joint venture with Gevasol. GoDare is a call to action: 'go and dare to explore and discover'.