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At GoDare, we are always looking for enthusiastic coaches. In order to provide the best experience for both young people and the coaches themselves, it is important that there is sufficient individual attention. We know from experience that there can be a barrier to sign up. Therefore we would like to tell you more about what it means to be a coach and what we expect from you. You can also sign up to come and have a look without any obligations.

And still some doubts? As a coach, you have unique privileges. 

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What "skills" must I have to be a suitable coach?

At GoDare, we are always looking for enthusiastic coaches to join our team. 

We often receive the following response:

"But I'm not 'technical' at all!"

That doesn't matter. You are well prepared for the workshops and there are always other coaches who can help you 'on the spot'. Besides, most workshops are not of a level that requires you to have studied mechanical engineering. Below we list the most important qualities of a coach.

The most important thing is enthusiasm. After all, the goal is to get young people excited about technology and innovation. Therefore, the team of coaches often light each other up!

The workshops have a strong focus on "doing and experimenting. So dare to tackle and also discover and explore for yourself. Mistakes must be made, you learn from them, including you!

Unexpected events, assignments that run slightly differently or a complicated question from a student? You take the bull by the horns. Maybe you can't solve it on your own, but you always find an answer!

Don't worry, you don't need nerves of steel. The workshops don't take place on the edge, but it can get a little hectic every now and then with all the enthusiastic students.

Both the youngsters and the team must be able to rely on you. You are a role model for a reason! Can we count on you to keep the workshops on track?

What do we ask from you?

Come and have a look without any obligation

If you are interested in GoDare and want to know how you can contribute? Then we would like to invite you! You can sign up for all workshops through the registration form, and we will make sure you will be well taken care of by one of our team members.

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