Information for coaches

The GoDare team is supported by enthusiastic coaches during the workshops. The workshops are developed for group 8 (age 12). The workshops differ greatly from each other, so they all require a different approach from the coach. 

That way, it stays varied and, above all, inspiring for the coaches! 

Below we explain our workshops. You will also find the required manuals and other preparations to prepare yourself for the workshops.


Robotics is the world of robots and programming. By dragging 'blocks' of codes to the right place, you interact with robots in a simple way. The robot will do exactly what you told it to do. Will you be able to set up the sensors in such a way that it can do it all by itself?
You'll do it all at Robotics.


How can I make something move? How much force does that take me? Can I do it in a more convenient way? How can I make something move as efficiently as possible? 

Do you have answers to these questions? Then our theme of motion is really for you.  


Electricity, you can't live without it. But how is electricity created? What happens behind the plug socket? Or in the battery of your smartphone? And then, how can I make an electric motor myself?
Turn your own coil, mount the 
magnets and see what happens!


What do you already know about the three s's: strength, solidity, and stability? How can you design and build structures so that they are strong and practical? In constructions, these are questions that you will be working on. You will then use this knowledge for your own marble track. 


A screwdriver, allen wrench, sandpaper, hammers, nails, nuts, screws, bolts and more. You know them all but what do you use them for? Totally crazy about bikes, motorcycles, cars, go-karts. Then come and support us at the workshop tinkering. 


The world is becoming more sustainable at a furious pace. We too are doing our bit, which is why we have our theme of recycling. Do you know everything about the R-strategies? How high do you rank on this list? Help yourself and the environment with this fun, refreshing theme. 

Dit thema is nog in ontwikkeling. Daarom is workshop 2 nog niet online. 

Missing something?

If so, be sure to let us know and we'll make sure it's online as soon as possible too.